Lifangmei | EAS AM Concealed System Installation Steps

With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics, the requirements for shop decoration and anti-theft installation are getting higher and higher. While being able to prevent theft, it cannot affect the beauty of the store. In this regard, more stores choose to install EAS AM concealed antennas. So how to install the concealed system in the store?

1. According to the installation position of the underground detection system (under the floor tiles), customers need to be informed in advance to install the underground installation in advance when no tiles are laid at the entrance and exit of the store to avoid unnecessary engineering conflicts.

2. Measure the width of the entrance and exit, and select the number of installation equipment according to the corresponding size.

3. Place the buried equipment flatly at the entrance and exit and keep it in the same straight-line position. At this time, you can perform a simple power-on test of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can work normally.

4. Cover the connection wires and power cables of the buried equipment with PVC pipes, and lead the PVC pipes to the ceiling at both ends of the entrance or the control room of the store's computer room to avoid damage and breakage of the cables during the subsequent tile installation process.

5. Connect the 5PIN cable on the concealed antenna on the 5PIN port of the controller box. An independent dedicated line is required for power supply.Connect the 5PIN cable on the concealed antenna on the 5PIN port of the controller box. An independent dedicated line is required for power supply.

6. Connect the power cord on the power input port of the controller box, then plug it well.

7. After the floor tiles in the shop have been laid, turn on the power of the buried detection equipment, and perform label detection and software debugging in the on-site environment according to the needs of the shop.

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