Lifangmei | What are the Advantages of RFID Anti-theft Security Doors

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of RFID technology in various fields is becoming more and more extensive. For example, in the field of books, we can not only manage books through RFID technology, but also carry out Anti-theft security management. With various software and hardware devices of RFID, functions such as independent borrowing and anti-theft are realized. 


RFID Anti-theft security door integrates three-dimensional omnidirectional sensing technology, which can sense the label detection in any direction in the three-dimensional space. As long as the tag is within the sensing range of the anti-theft safety door, the tag information and status can be accurately read.

RFID Anti-theft security door is installed at the entrance and exit of the library, archives or brand clothing store, and is used to detect whether the electronic tag meets the conditions for taking out. By sensing the electronic tags of books, it can detect the borrowing and returning of books or the settlement status of goods. If the books or commodities do not meet the conditions for taking out, the safety door alarm will be triggered. 


In addition, RFID Anti-theft security door integrates infrared sensor cutting analysis to realize the statistics of people flow, and can count the number of people entering and leaving in two directions.


RFID Anti-theft security door has the advantages of accurate identification, low rate of false alarm, and convenient equipment maintenance. At present, in addition to being widely used in the field of books, RFID technology is also used in the field of brand clothing store anti-theft, large-flow channel access control, time attendance, conference sign-in and digital scenic spot management. 

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