Lifangmei | How to Distinguish the Quality of EAS Anti-Theft System?

When evaluating the quality of the EAS anti-theft system, it is necessary to examine it from multiple dimensions. Here are some key aspects to help you differentiate the quality of an EAS system.

1. False alarm rate: EAS anti-theft system should have a low false alarm rate, which means that it will not trigger false alarm due to environmental factors or interference, and this requires a relatively powerful and stable master board system. 

2. Detection distance: A high-quality EAS anti-theft system should have a wide and effective detection range. With a wide detection distance, the distance between the two anti-theft devices will not be too narrow, improving the customer's experience of entering and exiting. And the anti-theft tags in the middle range of the two anti-theft system can still be effectively detected. 

3. Anti-interference ability: The harsh installation environment will interfere with the EAS anti-theft system, causing the system fail to work normally. Based on our mature technology, our self-developed motherboard achieves stable working performance and strong anti-interference.

4. Remote debugging function: Remote debugging function can use mobile phones or computers to help customers troubleshoot and solve problems remotely and quickly. If it is a chain brand store, it can also realize online store management through the multi-store management function. 

5. Service and support: Since the EAS anti-theft system is different from ordinary fast-moving consumer goods, it is normal to encounter some minor problems from time to timeReliable service can make sure any issues are addressed in a timely manner. 

6. Cost: While cost should not be the only deciding factor, it is equally important to evaluate whether the product is worth the money. 


If you want to buy a good EAS anti-theft system, it is recommended that you research different EAS system suppliers, and conduct inspections based on the supplier's factory strength, product strength, and R&D capabilities.

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