LIFANGMEI | Latest EAS Installation Case For Cosmetics Store

Yves-Rocher is a famous French cosmetics brand, and its products are all extracted from plants. In 1956, the founder Yves Rocher started the research on flower and plant beauty products because of her love for plants and beauty, and launched the first batch of natural cosmetics in 1959. All products of Yves-Rocher brand are extracted from plants, which are natural and comfortable.

And recently, one of our distributors in Latin America installed the EAS anti-theft systems for this brand store with Emeno AM6811 acrylic model. The transparent acrylic and black frame match the decoration of the store very well, showing a high-end yet mysterious style. Coupled with Emeno EAS anti-theft system, which is sensitive in detection and strong in anti-interference, it can give this type of cosmetic store the most powerful protection for their items.

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