Lifangmei EuroShop 2023 German Retail Exhibition Review

The five-day EuroShop 2023, the world's largest retail trade show, ended successfully in Dusseldorf on March 2, 2023. It is reported that the exhibition attracted more than 81,000 professional visitors from five continents to the Rhine.


As a leading one-stop EAS anti-theft brand, Emeno brought EAS anti-theft devices, entrance gates and people counter systems to the exhibition, which attracted the attention and appreciation of many exhibitors in the industry.

Over the past days, we have had inspiring exchanges and connected with like-minded friends. We cherish and appreciate this journey that sparks new ideas, fosters exchanges and strengthens relationships.


Emeno is committed to providing one-stop EAS product anti-theft and channel management system solutions for retail stores. With superb technology and innovative spirit, we continue to provide anti-theft and anti-loss services for retail stores around the world.


Emeno keeps embracing innovation, continuously strengthens the research and development of equipment technology, and expands the landing scenarios of EAS anti-theft systementrance gates management and passenger flow statistics in the retail field. In the future, Emeno will continue to contribute to the security of the retail industry and promote the development of the retail market together with global retailers.

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